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JBJ Lighting Pacifica Light 108 Watt

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JBJ Lighting Pacifica Light 108 Watt


JBJ has designed LEDs with both primary and secondary reflectors to cast the most light for wider coverage while maintaining stronger PAR values not only in the center but effectively over a 24” x 24” surface area. The JBJ PACIFICA LED contains both 60 degree optics in the center and 100 degree optics around the perimeter.

PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) is the common measurement used to help determine the photosynthetic amount of light needed by corals and plant life for growth and vitality. PAR measures the electromagnetic radiation between 400L700nm, which is necessary for photosynthesis for live animals. The JBJ PACIFICA LED PAD is engineered to handle the PAR needs from novice to expert levels of coral needs.



Technical Stats

Color temperature, measured on the Kelvin scale simply indicates the color of light. We offer the PACIFICA LED PAD in an extreme cool white [12,000K] & blue [20,000K] combination, which our research shows, meets the needs of most photosyntheitc cnidaria kept in tropical marine reef aquariums while providing an extremely appealing aesthetic appearance.

16,3 Watt Diodes of...

12,000K L High performance Extreme Cool White 12K lamps provide proper light necessary for healthy growth of photosynthetic corals that is also appealing to the human eye. Ideal for all marine applications, including reef aquariums, help to replicate a tropical lagoon.

16,3 Watt Diodes of...

20,000K L Ideal for Marine corals and Marine fish only systems. Produces a beautiful crisp blue light spectrum. These wavelengths help to penetrate deeper into the aquarium and provide the appropriate PAR for your photosynthetic organisms.

4,1 Watt Diodes of...

456nm Actinic - Moonlighting, allowing you to create a 24 hour lighting cycle for your aquarium, your aquarium can be enjoyable even in the middle of the night Observe the cryptic creatures you wouldn’t be able to under daylight lighting.


Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 3

Weight: 25 lbs.


User manual: Use and Care Manual

Warranty Information

Manufacturer warranty available through JBJ Lighting. Shark & Reef offers a 60 day money back or exchange guarantee. Please contact us for any warranty related issues past the 60 days.

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