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JBJ Oceanstream Circulation Pump/Powerhead (500 GPH)

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JBJ Oceanstream Circulation Pump/Powerhead (500 GPH)


Creating Motion in Captive Oceans

Oceanstream™ circulation pumps equipped with suction cup holders and articulating pivot ball. These innovative pumps utilize a unique PaddleDisc™ impeller that diverts water to the perimeter of the housing unlike traditional propeller based pumps. This ensures maximum "random flow" in wide circular currents that provide gentle water movement without harming corals placed directly within its path.


You can choose from our NANO OCEANSTREAM (500 GPH) for smaller aquariums or our original OCEANSTREAM(1600 GPH) for aquariums up to 100 gallons. Pumps are ideal for fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Wavemaker Compatible

Oceanstream circulation pumps are definitely compatible with our OceanPulse Wavemakers that allow you to configure alternating cycles from 10 seconds to 6 minutes.


Benefits of Replicating Wave Patterns

Recreating water movement is essential for captive animals within our aquariums for long-term success. By installing the Ocean Pulse WaveMaker, you will immediately be rewarded, as you see your aquarium transform into a cleaner, healthier, and more natural environment.


  • Provides oxygen water to entire aquarium
  • Provides more stable water temperature
  • Creates desirable turbulent flow patterns only found in nature
  • Flushes "dead spots" of detritus and accumulated waste
  • Increase fish activity
  • Stimulates coral and invertebrate growth
  • Allows corals more exposure to light

Product: Ocean Pulse™ DUO

Model #: WM-01
Pump Capacity: 2 pumps
Time Range: 10 seconds - 6 minutes
# of Dials: 1
Max AMPS per socket: 1.2 amps / 132 watt
Volt/Hz: 110V/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2 watts
Weight: 0.4 lbs
Dimensions: (L) 2.75: x (W) 1" x (H) x 4"

Product: Ocean Pulse™ QUADRA

Model #: WM-02
Pump Capacity: 4 pumps
Time Range: 10 seconds - 6 minutes
# of Dials: 2
Max AMPS per socket: 1.2 amps / 132 watt
Volt/Hz: 110V/60Hz
Power Consumption: 3 watts
Weight: 0.6 lbs
Dimensions: (L) 6.75: x (W) 1" x (H) x 3.75"


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Warranty Information

Manufacturer warranty available through JBJ Lighting (1 year). Shark & Reef offers a 60 day money back or exchange guarantee. Please contact us for any warranty related issues past the 60 days.

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