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Kessil LED A360W E-Series Tuna Sun w/Spectral Controller, Gooseneck

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Kessil LED A360W E-Series Tuna Sun + Spectral Controller + Gooseneck + 5 Free 4" Filter Socks


The A360 features Kessil's new proprietary Kessil Logic™, a unique form of spectral intelligence developed for precise color blending and optimal coral growth. In this new design, instead of varying the light intensity of two different channels to find the desired color and intensity mix, users can select the perfect spectrum and color with one knob and then adjust the intensity with the other. Kessil Logic™ will not only dramatically improve the user experience, it will also boost the light output at both ends of the spectral tuning range by as much as 30%. 

Beautiful shimmering effect gives your tank a natural, sunlit look rivaling MH. It's like connecting with your own piece of the ocean.


Spectral Precision

Each model comes from thousands of research and testing hours determining the precise spectral points for optimum growth and color.



Color Mixing

Dense Matrix LED™ technology blends different light wavelengths before they leave the light, providing uniform color throughout your tank. The single light source eliminates the spotlight effect, effectively spreading the light over a wide area.




KESSIL proprietary blend of precision UV light encourages vibrant coral color.




Warranty Information

1 year manufacturer warranty available through Kessil. Shark and Reef offers a 60 day money back or exchange guarantee. Please contact us for any warranty related issues past the 60 days.

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