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Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi - Brain Coral: Metallic, Australia

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Trachyphyllia Geoffroyi - Brain Coral: Metallic, Australia


Open brain corals, like most other corals, are composed of colonies of genetically identical, anemone like polyps. The polyps on the brain coral secrete calcium carbonate. If all of the polyps in the colony should die, the calcium skeleton of the coral will be left behind. This species is known as the folded brain coral. This species does well in an aquarium that has stronger lighting, as in the ocean it is found near shallow waters. This species should be kept away from other corals as it has been known to sting.



Salinity: 1.023 to 1.025

Temperment: Semi-agressive

Diet: Micro-plankton

Supplements: Calcium, Strontium, Trace Elements

Care Level: Easy

Temp: 72-78 Degrees


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Guaranteed to arrive alive. Please visit the "Policies" section on the home page for more information. Species may have slight differences than pictured.

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