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Shark and Reef is a marine aquaria based company located in Huntington Beach, California. We specialize in the sales of corals, dry goods, fish, and aquariums. We have been featured on tv shows before, for our astounding tank designs. We carry a wide arrange of sharks, and will be featuring more in the future. If you ever need a specific item or species, let us know. We can most likely get it as we have many distributors we deal with. Our livestock is well taken care of, as we have compassion for our species. The best equipment is bought to house them while they are with us, and our main goal is to ensure that they have a long life in your tank/pond. If you would like to see videos of what we carry, visit Youtube and type in "Shark and Reef" or "Grey Smooth Hound Shark". These videos show some examples of our tank set ups and some species.



**We were featured on "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel July 2017!**





We Use High Quality Images

90 percent of our fish and sea shell listing pictures come from professional photographers. Each image we use cost from 1 dollar up to as high as 80 dollars!


Arrival Guarantee On Sharks Is The Best On The Internet

All of our sharks are guaranteed to arrive alive. For instance, if you were to receive a DOA (it's actually never happened before, even though we've shipped hundreds of sharks!) We will replace the shark free of charge. We will pay the shipping also!


Active Donor to Charity

Shark and Reef currently donates to DFG (Fish and Wildlife), and will donate to other causes in the future.


We've Been On T.V.

We have been on T.V. once for our artistic tank setups, and have been on T.V. once for rescuing an injured bird!


**Please check out this friendly fish site dedicated to helping hobbyist!                                                               





Our favorite!






We dive and snorkel sometimes! (Marina in video also)