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Mostly all dry goods items we sell come with a warranty. On each page listing for a item there will be a description of the warranty provided. We allow returns on dry goods up to 60 days. Past that we will work with the manufacturer to send you a new product in place of your defective one. Mostly all of our manufacturers offer a free return label to send the defective product to them. The manufacturer will request your information such as your name, address, and telephone number. They will also ask for a reciept from you, which we will provide. Usually a warranty claim will take up to two weeks total time to have the new part delivered to you. Please visit the manufacturer's website if you need anymore specific information regarding a product you have or are about to purchase.


LIVE FISH (Arrive Alive Guarantee)

We offer a arrival guarantee on mostly all of our species we sell. This warranty only covers that the species will arrive alive, not when you put them in the aquarium/pond. For sharks, should you receive a species that is DOA, please contact us immediately within the first 2 hours of picking up the species from Delta. Please provide a 5 second video showing the species deceased, gills visible, not breathing, still in the bag. We will either refund you the cost of the species (airport C.O.D. costs are non-refundable), or ship out another species, your choice of the two. For tropical fish, please take a picture of the DOA species still in the bag and we will refund you or ship you out another one free of charge. We ship our sharks using airline cargo, so please be prepared to pick up the package at the airport cargo facility. This process is fairly easy as it's like picking up a package at the UPS store. The species must also be picked up from the Delta Cargo Facility within the first 4 hours of arrival. Going past the first 4 hours of arrival (Delta tracking will say "Ready for Pickup") voids the arrival warranty. A lot of shark species are sensitive and should be in the bag for the shortest time. Some are hardier and stay up to 48 hours with no issues.

Delta Cargo fees range from $62.00 to $69.00 per box, usually never more than that. We ship our sharks in large boxes allowing them to swim in a complete circle. This reduces stress on the shark. Large sharks over 2 feet require larger boxes and the cost is 1 dollar per pound past 69 pounds. (Example: 150 pound box will be roughly 150 dollars, but this is for a large shark such as a Nurse Shark).                                                                                     



We accept returns and exchanges up to 60 days from the date of purchase. All original items must be new and unused in order to be returned for a refund. Please contact us first if you need to return a item. We supply return labels for all packages we ship (Sharks and fish are not returnable). Items that have touched water must go through the manufacturer for warranty claim. Please visit the "Warranties" section on the main page for a list of manufacturers website addresses and telephone numbers. If you return an item for a refund, the funds will be placed back into your account within 1-3 business days.


List of Manufacturers, Contact Numbers, and Web Addresses

Sea Side Aquatics - (714) 356-7323   /WEB:

Ecotech Marine - (610) 954-8480   /WEB:

Sicce - WEB:

Neptune Systems - (408) 779-4090   /WEB:

Hydor - (916) 920-5222   /WEB:

Kessil - (510) 620-5250   /WEB:




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