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                                                                                      Shark Help Section (Updated 2022)




Once receiving the shark please refer to the DOA policy. We recommend drip acclimation of roughly 1.5 to 2 hours for sharks, and 1 hour for sting rays. All species when acclimating require an electric powered aerator with air stone (more the better). Please check the existing ammonia in your target tank where the shark/ray will go. When acclimation is finished, the tank temperature MUST match the BAG temperature. "Bag float acclimation" does not work. Must be acclimated by drip method. Failure to match tank temps to bag temps for sharks can result in premature death due to extreme temperature variation. We always recommended using a net to place the shark/ray into the tank. Please do not grab the shark and place in the tank as the shark can be injured. A praziquantel (Prazi-Pro brand) "bath" while acclimating is recommended also.


Water quality:

Water quality is important for sharks. We recommend a salinity range from 1.020 to 1.023. For all sharks other than cat sharks the highest possible temperature is 76 degrees. Maximum ammonia for sharks is 1.0 PPM (fatal/damage range). If 1.0 PPM or higher is detected please use ammonia detox and do multiple water changes until ammonia is .25 to 0. Certain species such as hounds and bat rays require increased oxygen. This can be achieved by adding more powerheads or reducing the amount of other fish in the tank.


Assimilation of Species:

Some species should not be mixed with most sharks and rays. Below is the common list. This is due to the fact they can peck at the fins or scales of the sharks/rays.

 - Tangs

 - Puffers

 - Triggers

 - Dragon Eels

 - Tesselata Eels

 - Moray Eels 


Tank/Pond Size: 

Below is the tank/pond recommendations for shark and rays. Please read this carefully as this is crucial to survival and longevity.


Gray/Japanese/Brown Smooth Hound - 

           Minimum 500 gallons @ 12 inch sized shark

           Minimum tank depth @ 12 inch sized shark - 30 inches


California Sting Ray -

           200 gallon @ any size


California Bat Ray - 

           Tank/Pond depth @ minimum 12 feet x 12 feet @ Bat ray size of: 7 inch wingspan


Catsharks - 

           250 gallon minimum (300+ recommended)


Epaulette Shark - 

           300 gallon minimum @ 14 inch shark size


 Black Tip Reef Shark -  

           5000 gallon @ 15 inch shark size (minimum depth of 20 feet x 20 feet length @ 15 inches) 


California/Mexico Horn Shark - 

           300 gallon @ 9 inch shark size


**All other species please email us @**




Diseases of sharks/rays and possible treatment (not guaranteed)


Gray Smooth Hound/Japanese Leopard Shark/Brown Smooth Hound-

        Fin rot - increase water quality, Prazi-Pro, Neosporin, change UV bulb 

        "Nose Shear" - Increase size of tank, reduce species inside of the tank (stress)


California Sting Ray - 

        Black spot disease (TB worms) - Prazi-Pro

        Flukes - Prazi-Pro, freshwater dip (must be done with extreme caution, usually not recommended)


California Bat Ray - 

        Black spot disease (TB worms) - Prazi-Pro

        Flukes - Prazi-Pro, freshwater dip (must be done with extreme caution, usually not recommended)

        Wing abrasion - Neosporin


Cat Sharks/Epaulettes - 

         Black spot disease (TB worms) - Prazi-Pro

         Fin damage - Neosporin

         "Back flip scratch" - Prazi-Pro, Ich treatment


California Horn Shark -

         No diseases observed other than fin rot (low quality water, ick)