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Delta Cargo pick up facilities provide the best service in the industry when handling pets such as dogs, cats,reptiles, and tropical fish. Mostly all facilities are climate controlled in some way to make sure the pets are in a suitable environment. Each shipment comes with a tracking number in which the customer can track the package every time it is scanned when in transit. Please visit and scroll to the bottom of the page to "Track Shipments" to input you airway bill number (this is your tracking number you will use).
Usually there is a Delta Cargo facility that's within driving distance in all states in the USA. Major airports such as JFK and PHL have the best flights.Smaller airports usually have connecting flights but offer a suitable transit time. Transit times range from 5 - 15 hours depending on the flight. The best flights are direct flights in which there are no connecting flights. The package goes on one plane straight to the next airport in the different state. When you go into a Delta Cargo pickup facility there are no scanners
or long wait times. Just bring your airway bill number and, if it's C.O.D. on shipping charges, cash or credit card (shipping fees range from $63.00 - $69.00, larger sharks it's usually a dollar per pound). Listed below are some major airports in which customers usually request their packages to be shipped to. 


List of Delta Cargo Facilities Commonly Shipped To




San Jose Delta 


1521 Airport Blvd

San Jose, California 95110

**Closed major holidays**


San Diego Delta


2357 Airline Dr. Ste B

San Diego, California 92101

**Closed on Christmas and 4th of July**





Portland Delta


7912 NE Aircargo Rd.

Portland, Oregon 97218

**Closed major holidays**


Medford Delta


3650 Biddle Rd. 3

Medford, Oregon 97504

**Closed major holidays**






18627 28th Ave S

Seattle/Tacoma, Washington 98158

**Open all holidays**







More being updated soon.....