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Hikari Ich-X

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Hikari Ich-X


A Safer & More Effective Way To Treat Ich & Ich Related Conditions!

Ich-X utilizes the most widely respected formulation for the treatment of ich, with a less toxic form of malachite green.


  • Treats Ich
  • Treats Cryptocaryonaisis
  • Treats Trichodiniasis
  • Treats Velvet (Gold Dust)
  • Treats Saprolegniasis
  • Highly Effective
  • Uses A Less Harsh Form Of Malachite Green
  • Excellent When Used after PraziPro (as a separate treatment)


Aquarium Solutions
4 oz. (treats 240 gallons) Item #73214
16 oz. (treats 960 gallons) Item #73216
1 Gallon (treats 7,680 gallons) Item #73218

Pond Solutions
16 oz. (treats 1,920 gallons) Item #73336
1 Gallon (treats 15,360 gallons) Item #73338


To treat "ich" disease (ichthyophthiriasis) of freshwater fishes and "marine ich" disease (cryptocaryonaisis) of marine fishes, add one (1) teaspoon (~5 mL) of Ich-X to 10 gallons of aquarium water. For Best Results: (1) always treat in a separate quarantine/treatment tank, (2) remove activated carbon from filters and clean or replace mechanical filtration media (do not stop filtration!) (3) make at least 1/3 water change before each addition of Ich-X (use Ultimate to condition new water (4) repeat treatments at least every 24 hours, but no more often than every 8 hours, depending upon the course of the disease (refer to the Ich-X Product Data Sheet. DO NOT OVERDOSE Ingredients: water, formaldehyde (<5%), methanol (<2%), malachite green chloride (<0.1%) Recommendations: Use Ich-X to treat conditions related to ich and ich related disease. Caution: Do not use Ich-X with any other medications. Do not use with sulfinate-, or sulfoxylate-base water conditioners. Ich-X may permanently stain silicone tanks and sealants, rocks, concrete, plastic objects, clothing, laminate counter tops, floors, furniture and carpeting. Ich-X may be harmful to some invertebrates (e.g. filter feeders); use caution and observe carefully when treating aquariums with invertebrates. Immediate 50% or larger, water changes (using Ultimate to treat the replacement water) should be performed if stress is observed amoung treated animals.
DANGER: May be harmful or FATAL if swallowed! If swallowed, call a physician or Poison Control Center. Drink 1 or 2 glasses of water or milk and induce vomiting by touching the back of the throat with finger, or, if available by administering syrup of ipecac. Do not induce vomiting or give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. In case of contact, immediately flush skin or eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes; for eyes, get immediate medical attention.
Because We Care: Ich-X has been developed to offer assistance to aquarium or pond keepers who are encountering problems with ich who have tried other treatments unsuccessfully. FOR AQUARIUM OR POND USE ONLY. NOT FOR HUMAN MEDICAL, VETERINARY OR FOOD FISH USE. NOT FOR USE AS AN ECONOMIC POISON. 

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